Category: 2014 Ústí nad Labem: How type carries identity?

How type carries identity?

An Idea:
Written word spreads across our world with speed and amount as never before cialis versandapotheke. Typographic design becomes the significant identity carrier, including a custom typeface as a crucial visual element. We will seek for entities of Ústí nad Labem and integrate them into newly designed typefaces to become global markers of local cultural flavor.

▪ analogue: sketchbook, tracing paper, black cardboard, pencils, pen, broadnib pen, marker, knife, eraser, ruller, scisors, glue, …
▪ digital: preferably mac laptop with Glyphs app installed (3o days trial licence), pc with FontLab Studio is optional; a camera.

Objectives of the workshop:
Exploration in parametric typedesign, introduction into a theory of the stroke, broadening views on type design and typography in general, basic skills in developing type and type production based on cultural entities and specifics of area of Ústí nad Labem.

Content of the teaching programme:
Lectures, walks, developing concepts in group discussions, experimental work guided by one to one tutorials, sketching with pen and paper, digitising artworks and vectorisation with typedesign software, public presentation of student works, evaluation of the results.

Expected results:
Improved type design skills, ability to contextualize cultural entities and language specifics into a typedesign, better understanding of micro and macro typography, basics in use of typedesign software manifested in final artwork e.g. a poster, a type specimen book.

Design a set of numerals for sports purposes in the widest context.
Try to base the set on local visual entities and typeface specifics one can find in the area of Ústí nad Labem.
Concern that developed type inherits a potential of an identity carrier.

We will pass by traditional typedesign starting points and focus  on letterforms of numerals in the first place.
However, we will employ typedesign parameters that can challenge us to think beyond conventions.

Link to project brief presentation.